Go! It’s Your Duty Lad (2015)

Go! It’s Your Duty Lad is an animated piece created for multi-disciplinary visual arts project My Subject is War. The short film follows the tale of young man from Warrington, England as he adjusts to life during the First World War. He encounters wartime propaganda, attends a recruitment rally at Parr Hall and signs up to join the army leaving his sweetheart behind. The tale is fictional taking inspiration from the real-life stories of Warrington residents. The men and women of the town contributed to the war in numerous ways as army, navy and RAF recruits, medics, nurses, industry workers, fundraisers and agricultural labourers and this animation pays homage to their hard work and sacrifice.

The work was created for an exhibition at Pyramid & Parr Hall, the final stage of the First World War project. The images above are a selection of stills from the film. To view the entire film please visit this Vimeo link.

The film was shortlisted for the 2016 Imperial War Museum Short Film Festival and screened at Imperial War Museum, London in February/March 2016.

Part of ‘My Subject is War’, a multi-disciplinary arts project commissioned by Culture Warrington for the Centenary of the Firs World War. The project is supported by public funding from the National Lottery through Arts Council England.

All Images © Emma Brown 2010-24