Collective Identity - Dancing with Parkinson’s (2021)

A project commissioned by Danielle Teale Dance. I was invited, along with two other artists, to a series of dance for Parkinson’s online classes to make visual arts responses to the dancers movements and interactions. Classes were attended by around 12 dancers, workshop facilitators and a vocal performer who created new music live also in response to the dancers movements or the themes of verbal discussions. During the sessions I worked on long rolls of paper using charcoal, inks, collage and marker pens to create fluid and expressive marks based on the dancers gestures. 

The drawings made during the sessions were then scanned, photographed and edited digitally to create a series of rich and colourful images capturing the joy and openness evoked by the dancers. The images were printed onto sheer fabrics and transformed into four layered wall hangings for a touring exhibition. A set of framed paper prints was also produced for venues that were unable to accommodate the fabric work.

All Images © Emma Brown 2010-24